Olha V. Нrytsenko,

PhD, Associate Prof.

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University




Medical discourse reflects the history of the development of the professional language of doctors and records cross-linguistic influences. According to most scientists, verb forms in -чий contaminate the language because they are artificial for the Ukrainian linguistic tradition. In the article, selective analysis of the articles of scientific journals of the medical specialty for 2022 was carried out for the presence of the use of active participles in the present tense. During the research, methods of observation, analysis, comparison, classification, etc. were used. The obtained results allow us to conclude that the named units are not the same in different regions of Ukraine. The recorded units are classified according to functional and semantic indicators. The largest quantitatively are the lexical groups denoting the characteristics of treatment (methods) and the characteristics of the properties of medical preparations. Changes in the fixation of such units in dictionaries were revealed: the transition of some to the category of adjectives, the complete removal of others, and the inclusion of typical ones for the Ukrainian linguistic tradition. Analysis of the most common erroneous word usage will provide an opportunity to improve the scientific language of medicine and will contribute to the purity of the language as a whole. In this aspect, it would be promising to create a guide to replacing active adjectival compounds in the language of medicine. In the survey, the main ways of avoiding the use of active participles in the present tense are given.

Keywords: medical discourse, active verbs, purity of language.


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