←2019. – Vol. 15

Svitlana M. Derba
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv




The article discusses the expediency of using the project method in practical classes in Ukrainian for foreign students. This kind of work directs students to activate all knowledge and to form a new one while working on the project. In addition, this type of work is extremely interesting for the representatives of the jet nations, because it comprises both individual and collective work. The author lists a large number of projects and their types that can be offered to international students. But it should be beared in mind that the topics have to be interesting for the students and correspond to their age, education, level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language.
The expediency of using the project method as a form of realization of students’ individual work is substantiated. It will allow to teach students to find ways to solve a certain problem, to argue their choice, to create and correctly design their project, to submit a job, to be able to answer questions.
The teacher offers students topics and types of projects. Foreigners choose what they like. Further, the teacher should advise them on the structure of work, methods and timing, the presentation of the material and the results of the study. Students present their work, usually either as Power Point presentations or as videos. When working on them, it is of utmost importance that they voice and present their projects in Ukrainian.
The author draws attention to the fact that modern linguists emphasize the need to attract new methods, their techniques, technologies for teaching foreign students. The use of the project method will allow students to apply language skills, as well as to gain new skills while preparing for the work. Nowadays, the project method is a recognized methodology of a practically oriented education model worldwide.

Key words: project method, project activity, projects, presentation, video.


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