Morbial Metaphor in Economic Discourse of the Modern Hispanic Media

←2018. – Vol. 13

Vasylieva T

PhD (Philology), Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication

Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman




The present paper deals with the functioning of the morbial metaphor in the economic discourse of contemporary Hispanic media. The articles of economic topics, published in the section «Economics» of Hispanic periodical Internet publications are been chosen as the material of this scientific research. The period from the beginning of the global economic crisis (2008) to our days is been selected for this investigation. The structural-semantic properties of the morbial metaphor, which source domain is DISEASE, is being studied. The main method of the research is the metaphorical modeling. The emphasis is on determining the basic models of a morbial metaphor, which have a frame-slot structure, and language means of their reproduction. Structural analysis of frames present economic institutions as patients suffering from diseases, which are the metaphorical rethinking of negative phenomena in the economy, and need treatment. It has been found that five main frames represent the morbial metaphor in the Hispanic economic discourse: “Patients and doctors”, “Diagnosis”, “Symptoms of illness”, “Treatment” and “Health status of the patient”. Within each frame, the main slots are highlighted and their lexical content is described. The communicative functions of the morbial metaphor in the Hispanic economic discourse during the crisis and the causes of its activation have been determined. It was concluded that the frame-slot structure of the morbial metaphor reflects the negative phenomena of the global economy, presented in the Hispanic media discourse, and indicates the intensification of the use of the metaphor under study in the period of the aggravation of the global economic crisis and combating its effects. It was found out that the actualization of concepts of the conceptual sphere ECONOMY during the aggravation of the economical situation is dominated by the negative evaluative metaphors of the domain ILLNESS AND THEIR SYMPTOMS, and in the post-crisis period, – by the positively evaluative metaphors of the positive influence of the chosen methods of TREATMENT and RECOVERY of the economy.

Key words: conceptual metaphor, source domain, target domain, metaphorical model, frame, slot.


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