Specifics of Fear Awakening in the Films by A. Hitchcock

←2017. – Vol.11

Zaderij I.

Post-graduate student

Kherson State University



The article is devoted to the revelation and analysis of the lingual means of fear awakening, used in films by the famous Hollywood film director A. Hitchcock: “The Troubles with Harry”, “Psycho” and “Vertigo”. In the horror-movies fear appears to be their basic negative emotion which might be actualized with the help of a certain amount of tension and anxiety. Only in this way the contact with the television audience may be achieved. The character of the fear appearance is analysed and a conclusion is made that such emotion is provoked by the society, in which filmtexts are crteated. It might have the indirect expression, be localized in this or that subject or phenomenon. For example: maniacs, vampires, monstrosities, in which the variety of the negative emotional states is highly concentrated. In the filmstrips by the master of horror movies A. Hitchcock the feeling of anxiety arises with the help of the lingual means used by the film director. The following lingual stylistic means are of help for creation of the feeling of suspense: the semantic repetition of lexemes, deep, informative images, epithets, metaphors, similes and others. They create the inimitable world of horror movies.The usage of the great amount of tropes aims at the creation of multispectral movie heroes. The language play actualizes the implicit senses, makes the atmosphere of the film more stressful.

Key words: emotion, fear, lingual devices of fear realization, suspense, horror.


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