About Journal

Scientific journal “Studia Linguistica” publishes  articles and reviews from scholars in the field of theoretical linguistics. Papers are acceptable for publication on condition they have never been published before; their topics are relevant to the “Studia Linguistica” research focus and the text is presented according to the submission guidelines.

Subject areasgeneral and concrete linguistics, comparative historical, typological and contrastive linguistics; ethnolinguistics; cognitive linguistics; cultural linguistics; communicative linguistics, pragmatic linguistics; discourse studies, naratology; suggestive linguistics; theory of translation;  applied linguistics.

ISSN: 2411-1562

Professional registration: Decree of Presidium of Supreme Attestation Commission of Ukraine, 08.07.2009, № 1–05/3 (Bulletin of Supreme Attestation Commission of Ukraine № 8, 2009).

Professional Re-registration: Decree of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, № 747, 13.07.2015.

State registration: Certificate of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine КВ № 13518-2402Р, 09.11.2007.

Founder and Publisher: Taras  Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Year of foundation: 2007.

Field of study: linguistics

Language of publishing: Ukrainian, English, Polish, Czech, German, French, Romanian.

Frequency: twice a year

Scientific journal “Studia Linguistica”  is represented in the national database of  Vernadsky National Library of  Ukraine. The edition is funded by the authors of the articles.