Speech Tactics in The Latin Language Tradition (a study of Virgil’s Aeneid)

←2017. – Vol.10

Lefterova O. N.

PhD., assistant professor

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Institute of Philology



The article is devoted to the issues of researching communicative tactics and strategies in Latin fiction language tradition. Now day the study of communicative behavior is one of the impotent research areas of anthropocentric linguistics. The communicative needs of speakers are implemented in communicative intentions. The basis of speech communicative strategy or communicative strategy is common intention of a speaker. As language plays very important role in the development of a person personality scientists pay attention to the Role of language in intellectual development, emotional development and social development. The analysis of antique discourse is an important ling in research of communicative strategies as it is in the antique discourse that modern scholars can find both the traditional and the new in line with modernity. Research of communicative tactics ion the text of Virgil’s poem ” The Aeneid ” not only has enabled to characterize the speech of main characters but also to touch upon the issues of their psychological portraits.

Key words: communicative tactics, strategy, culture of communication, speech behaviour, speech act.


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