The «Ideal» Specialized Defining and Translation Dictionary of the German Professional Geodasy Language: Semantic, Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Principles

←2017. – Vol.11

Vovchanska S.

 PhD., assistant professor.

Ternopil National Economic University



The study of phenomena such a meaning of the word in lexicography is interesting and especially required at present time in connection with a growing number of polysemic words in German as well as also in other languages. The actuality consists in the elaboration of the scientific concept of the future “ideal” specialized defining and translation dictionary of the German professional geodasy language,  in the scientifically well-grounded approaches of the selection of the professional lexicon; in the methodology formation of the dictionary; in the generation of the unique principles of the representation of the terminological units in the special dictionaries (explanation, translation….) for making the optimum dictionary user conditions and in the composition of the invariant project of the dictionary for the representation of different special vocabulary layers. The future dictionary has not only a practical use – with its help a number of theoretical lexicographic tasks can be solved.

Key words: professional language, terminology, geodesy, pragmatics, semantics, statistical approach.


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