Volume 11


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Political Discourse as a Tool for Manipulating the Consciousness of the Electorate (on the material of inaugural address of Donald Trump)

Golubovska I., Orlova T.


The Psycholinguistic Analysis of Speech of the Students in Russian

Alshaboul I.

PDF (RUSSIAN)   29-38

Lada in Baltic and Slavic Written Sources

Balsys R.

PDF (RUSSIAN)   39-50

The «Ideal» Specialized Defining and Translation Dictionary of the German Professional Geodasy Language: Semantic, Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Principles

Vovchanska S.

PDF   51-61

Specifics of Fear Awakening in the Films by A. Hitchcock

Zaderij I.


Sound Phenomenon at the Beginning of a Word in the Estern Polissian Dialect Spoken in Novgorod-Siverskiy District

Zevako V.


Cognitive Organization of the Conceptosphere “Language Issue In Ukraine” (upon reader’s feedbacks)

Klymenko L.V.


Cooperative Communicative Behaviour Mode of Politeness of Ukrainians, Russians, Lithuanians and Americans: Auto- and Heterostereotypes

Korolyov I.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   92-120

Rhetoric of Science: Achievements and Prospects

Kramar N.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   121-130

Specificity of Translation of the Three-line Verse Poetry Haiku from the Standpoint of Dichotomy «Logographic – Alphabetic Writing» : comparative – typological aspect

Pyrogov V.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   131-144

Universalism and Relativism in the Light of Modern Ideas of Cognitive Linguistics

Pysmenna Y.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   145-153

Modern Socio-economic Language and Communication (Brexit Topic)

Ruga E., Hioară N.

PDF (ENGLISH)   154-164

Diminutive Enantiosemy in Ukrainian Language

Ruda N.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   165-174

The Nominative Field of the Concept REICHTUM in the German Language

Surmach O.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   175-183

Notions of Persuasion and Argumentation as Macro- and Microcategories of Political Discourse

Kharytonova D.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   184-194

Relations in the system of modal meanings of the cognitive-semantic field of necessity (in Italian)

Okhrimenko V. I.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   195-204


Referee’s Review of I. Golubovska on the Thesis for a Doctoral Degree in Philology “Principle of Iconicity and its Manifestation in Proto-Indo-European Lexicon” by T. Kozlova PDF   205-215

Referee’s Review of I. Golubovska on the Monograph «Dynamics of the Lexicon of the Ukrainian language of the 16th-17th centuries» by S. Grytsenko PDF   216-218