Volume 13


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Research Project: Language and Discourse Practices of World Media in the Context of Axiological Dominants’ Change

Golubovska I., Darchuk N., Chernenko H.


How Greek Language is Studied and Researched in Ukraine (on the occasion of International Greek Language Day 9.02.19.)

Golubovska I.

PDF (ENGLISH)    26-29

Morbial Metaphor in Economic Discourse of the Modern Hispanic Media

Vasylieva T.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)    30-47

Statics and Dynamics of the Language: the Issue of Balance

Gritsenko S.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)     48-70

The Author’s Narrative Strategy in the Book I of Xenophon’s “Cyropaedia”

Dovbyshchenko F.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)     71-91

The Derivational Paradigm of the Verb (on the Material of E. Hutsalo Fiction Prose)

Zaiets V.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)    92-105

Discourse and Functional Style: the Problem of the Correlation

Kovalova O.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   106-122

Lexical-Semantic Classification of Cognitive Psych Verbs in Ukrainian, German and English

Korenkova O.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   123-133

The Concept of FASHION within the Cognitive Framework of Religion (Based on Contemporary English Media)

Krysalna Y.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   134-151

Peculiarities of Ancient Greek Proverbs with Dendronym Component

Lazer-Pan’kiv O.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   152-172

Verbal Representation of Misogynistic Ideas in Ancient Greek Proverbs

Levko O., Chukhno Yu.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   173-183

The Functions of Speech Genres in the French Novel of XX c. [Le fonctionnement des genres du discours dans les textes des romans du XX s.]

Lepetiuk I. [Lepetiuk I.]

PDF   184-202

Nominative Field of the Subconcept SANITAS in the Latin Language

Mylyk O.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   203-214

Poetical Text as the Specific Way of the Reflection of Reality

Moskvichova O.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   215-227

Functioning of Allusive Names in Literary Discourse

Tryshchenko I.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   228-238

Language Standard and French Literary Language According to Sociolinguistics

Khaidar D.

PDF (UKRAINIAN)   239-253